Mother’s Day Gift Ideas, Perfect for Social Distancing

26 Jun, 20

It’s that special day to let your Mum, Grandmother and all maternal figures in your life know how much they’re loved and appreciated.

With strict rules around social distancing, this year’s Mother’s Day will no doubt stand out from any other. Here are some suggestions on how you can make Mother’s Day even more personal than ever.


Through the years, how often have you been reminded on Mother’s Day to “Call your mum!”

Thanks to video apps like FaceTime, WhatsApp and Zoom we can get close-up and personal.

Make her laugh and sing a song or remind her of a funny childhood memory. She will appreciate the extra thought.

Some video applications allow group chats for free. A great way to round up the clan and cheer her up.

Breakfast in bed with unique personal touches.

I don’t know of a single Mum who doesn’t love breakfast in bed. For families who are stuck at home together, make this a time to put your cooking skills to the test!

She won’t care if you serve her burnt toast. (Although, she won’t forget about it). Deliver the breakfast with extra love through a handwritten poem or letter. As a mum of 10-year-old twins, I’ve kept all the little love cards my boys have made for me on Mother’s Day.

For the movie buff mum:

If your mum is missing her nights at the movies, a streaming gift card for Netflix, Amazon Prime or Stan will be appreciated.

Netflix Party also allows you to link up with your mum and host a movie night on Mother’s Day. You can both curl up with some popcorn in your respective lounge rooms but still stay connected and enjoy each other’s company.

For the book nerd mum:

Whether your mum loves suspense crime novels or romantic chick lit, an audiobook or e-book subscription is the perfect gift. With all this extra time at home in isolation, she will definitely appreciate the escapism.

Personalised Mother’s Day Gift Cards:

With most bricks and mortar stores closed temporarily, why not treat your mum to an online shopping spree instead?

A Gift Card will give her the freedom to buy what she wants from any online site in the world that accepts Mastercard. How’s that for endless choice?

Click HERE to choose which design you’d like to send her and simply select an amount. Simple and thoughtful.

You can also design your own card with a special photo of the two of you. (After all, you are her favourite, right?).

Drive-By Surprise Party

For our senior parents and grandparents in self-isolation, there’s no doubt they’re missing physical contact and family connection.

If they live close by, why not surprise them with a drive by party? Decorate the car with balloons and streamers and have her favourite song blaring from the car stereo. Keep tooting the horn until she comes out to the front door and take a photo of the surprise on her face!

Don’t worry if neighbours complain about the noise. Think of it as a loving pay back for all the times your mum embarrassed you in front of your high school friends.

While COVID-19 has turned our traditional Mother’s Day celebrations upside down, don’t let it dampen your Mum’s spirits. Show her that during all this physical distancing, you can still stay very much connected.

About the Author

Grace is a freelance writer with over 25 years’ experience in business, having held senior roles in marketing, finance through to sales.

Graduating from the Australian National University, Grace spent 10 years working with multi-nationals in Asia. She is multi-lingual, fluent in Japanese and Bahasa Indonesia.

On returning to Australia, she then carved out a successful career in financial services, IT and telecommunications.

In addition, Grace has run her own small business focused on issues such as parenting, financial literacy and digital security.


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