Appreciate the team coach with an end of season gift

20 Nov, 19

Mentor, role model, cheerleader, advisor – all the qualities your team coach has to train the side to perform their best, stay positive and to win games!

The coach who spends their weeknights and weekends training your child’s team makes their own sacrifices to guide the team throughout the season, whether it ends in success or progress.

When end of season arrives, it’s time to show the coach just how much they are appreciated with a gift that will make their day.

Thanks for a season of sports coaching

Finding the right gift for the coach of your child’s team can be a challenge – what to give and how to make it personal and relevant.

Take inspiration from these tips, talk to other parents and see if they would like to join you in contributing to a special gift card for the coach.

  1. Thank you note from your child. Whether your budding athlete is six or 16, writing a thank you note is a great way to show your child’s appreciation. Suggest they include some of the highlights of the season, such as an exciting win or when the team showed they’d learned to lose graciously.
  2. Photo. When it’s time for team photos, order and pay for a photo specially for the coach. Or better still, use your smartphone to take one yourself of the team in action during the final. Get it framed or use it to design your own personalised gift card. Check it out here
  3. Thank you gift card. The easiest way to say thanks, always appreciated and easy to use. Check out the range of thank you gift cards on GiftCardStore.
  4. Design your own gift card. Use a photo of the coach or the whole team. It’s easy to design and makes a personalised special gift.
  5. Sports gift cards to celebrate the sport. Whether the sport is netball, tennis, AFL, swimming, golf or cycling, there’s a card that’s right for your sport.
  6. Personalised souvenir of the team. There are numerous items that can be personalised, such as a pen, a refillable water bottle, labelled cooler pack, duffel bag, umbrella, towel, hat – even a T-shirt.
  7. Donate to charity A combined donation for all the team parents to the club and let the coach know it’s an appreciation for his work with the team.

Help another child to participate in sport.Talk to your coach about making a donation to assist another child to participate in sport next season. Some families find it a challenge to pay the fees for their child to participate in sport, and a donation to make it possible can help them be part of next year’s team. Support their expenses by providing a donation to your sports club with a Visa or Mastercard Gift Card. Your sports club will appreciate the ease of using the funds on the gift card to assist families in need.


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