Wedding Gift Cards and Vouchers

Choosing a wedding gift for the happy couple can be a challenge! Everyone loves a wedding but buying just the perfect wedding gift is made easy with a wedding gift card from Gift Card Store, Australia’s largest and most trusted gift card provider.

Discover our extensive range of wedding gift cards with designs to suit every style of wedding, from casual to traditional, low-key to formal, same-sex ‘his wedding’ and ‘her wedding’ gift cards as well as ‘just married’ and intimate bride and groom gift cards. Go for the gift you know they’ll love and wish the happy couple a wonderful future with a prepaid Mastercard or Visa gift card. You can be confident you’ve made the right choice as most Australians would rather have a gift card than any other wedding gift. A gift card gives the newlyweds the freedom to choose what they want, either online or from whatever store they want. Prepaid gift cards are accepted at any merchant that accepts Mastercard and Visa cards, anywhere in the world.

Make your wedding gift card truly original and design your own gift card. At Gift Card Store you can choose your own image, so it’s your chance to make a special gift card with a photo of the happy couple as the focus of the gift card design.

Send your thoughts and good wishes with a wedding gift card if you are overseas or interstate and can’t make it to the wedding. Don’t pay freight costs for a store-bought gift, just order your gift card online from Gift Card Store and it will be delivered direct to any Australian address, despatched within two business days.


Upload your own image and design your own card!

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Sometimes, it is hard to find a perfect gift for the people we love the most. If you are still looking for a present that will put a smile on your special someone’s face, why not consider the wide range of VISA and Mastercard prepaid gift cards from GiftCardStore? Any of our prepaid cards make for an effective, original and convenient solution, and your giftee can use them in various situations.