Employee Gift Cards

Looking for the perfect gift for your employees? Show your appreciation with a Mastercard or Visa Gift Card from Australia’s largest gift card supplier, Gift Card Store.

Gift cards for employees are versatile and give your staff the freedom of choice. The lucky recipient can use their gift card anywhere Mastercard or Visa is accepted – 37 million stores worldwide and online.

Make sure your employee’s efforts and outstanding job performance hasn’t gone unnoticed. Gift Cards for employees help celebrate and congratulate them for their achievements and accomplishments in the workplace and create a positive working environment, as well as build team morale.

Has someone in your team reached an incredible milestone in their tenure? Has a sales team member closed the company’s biggest sale? Maybe an employee has shown exceptional commitment and hard work in meeting tight deadlines.

Don’t forget to thank those quietly working in the back office who keep business operations moving seamlessly. Congratulate or Thank them for their commitment in smashing deadlines for that successful product launch.

When your employees work so hard to kick goals, don’t delay in finding the right gift to acknowledge their achievements. With every major accomplishment, congratulate your staff for a job well done with an employee gift card. Gift cards for employees allow you to recognise your staff’s hard-earned efforts every time they kick major work goals, whilst being confident there’ll be no unwanted gifts.

Gift cards for employees can be a nice and rewarding surprise in letting them know how valuable they are and appreciated by the team.

Employee gift cards can be personalised with our Design Your Own Card feature and will be a constant reminder to why employees are appreciated. A personalised employee gift card is more powerful and memorable than cash as cash disappears into household funds. An employee gift card will encourage your team member to only use the funds for their own luxury items or indulgent moments, instead of electricity bills or groceries.

When your team member receives their gift card, they will be constantly reminded – and be proud – of the great organisation that they work for.

Your employee will thank you because prepaid Mastercard and Visa gift cards are preferred over cash, merchandise or catalogue gifts. No unwanted gifts!

Employee gift cards will keep your team happy as well as encourage them to continue their great work. Whether it’s to thank an entire department for a collaborative effort in a successful and productive year or to congratulate an outstanding individual for smashing their key performance indicators, the employee gift card will show appreciation with a lasting impact for all staff members.

Need a last-minute gift? 2 great options to choose from….  

With same day delivery, you can send an E-Gift Card to your lucky recipient by email. Their card can be used anywhere online that accepts Mastercard. Perfect for people who don’t have smart phones or prefer not to have card information stored in their phone. 

Or, send them a Digital Gift Card same day to their mobile via SMS. Ready for them to activate immediately and add to their preferred phone wallet – Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay. They can use wherever Mastercard prepaid is accepted instore and online 


Upload your own card image in seconds!

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