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What are Prepaid Mastercard and Visa Gift Cards?

An ideal gift solution for all occasions, these are prepaid single-load cards. There are multiple types:

  • Plastic Prepaid Gift Cards are sent by mail or courier to you or your recipient and can be spent online or at 37 million stores worldwide. A fantastic range to choose from or you can create your very own design with a fun photo for your gift recipient.
  • E-Gift Cards or Virtual Cards are sent to your gift recipient by email and can be used at online retailers where Prepaid Mastercards are accepted, great for recipients who love shopping online.
  • Digital Prepaid Mastercards are sent to your gift recipient’s phone by SMS and can be stored in their phone wallet. They can be spent at over 37 million online and instore locations worldwide. 


Can I order Gift Card Store gift cards from overseas?

Gift Card Store™ accepts orders from customers residing in the US, England, New Zealand and Australia, however the recipient must be within Australia.


Do prices on your site include GST?

All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST where applicable.


How can I pay for my Gift Card Store purchases?

Payment options include Mastercard, Amex and Visa, in Australian dollars only. We do not accept Prepaid Cards or ZIP Money. There is a small Credit Card Processing Fee to cover the costs of credit card acceptance and fraud coverage.


When will my purchase arrive?

For Plastic cards, there is a 3-business day production time for card creation and to load your gift value. Cards are despatched to your recipient within 3 business days and then you must allow additional time for delivery. Australia Post delivery times apply where postage has been selected. Courier delivery can be selected for a flat fee. Delivery timing for both options will depend on the destination of your card. If, in the one purchase, you have ordered different types of cards, these may arrive in separate envelopes and perhaps on different days.

E-Gift Cards and Digital Cards are sent to your recipient on the same business day for orders received before 1pm. Orders placed after 1pm may be sent the following business day.

For all card types, you will receive confirmation of your order and a notification to let you know your gift is on its way to your recipient.


How are Prepaid Gift Cards activated?

Your Prepaid Gift Card must be activated within 3 months of receiving it or for security purposes, you card will be closed. Please see the activation process below for your card type and be sure to read Important information about Card Activation below.

To activate a Plastic Card, please visit and enter the proxy number (PN number on the back of your card), your 4-digit code which is enclosed in the letter you received with your card and the 3-digit CVV on the back of the card.

To activate an E-Gift Card (email delivered), please click on the ACTIVATE NOW button in the email you received with your card. For security purposes, you must use the email address your card was sent to, to activate your card.  

Your card has a card proxy number that for security purposes, is required to activate your card and to view your card balance or transaction history. You can find the proxy number by clicking on the link inside the email you received containing your card. You will be directed to our site which will display your proxy number. 

You cannot onforward or email a virtual card to another person or alternate email address. You are liable for any loss or unauthorised transactions on your card where you have onforwarded your card email or your card number to another person or email address.

To activate a Digital Gift Card, follow the instructions and use the link provided in your SMS message to: 

  1. Open the Universal Gift Card app and enter your mobile number and activation code. 
  1. Tap “Add to Wallet” to add to your preferred phone wallet.  

It’s that simple! Your Digital Mastercard will be added to your Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay wallet, ready to Tap and Pay and/or use online. 

Important information about Card Activation: we will never ask for your card number. You must not disclose your card number or other card information to any website or person except for the purpose of making a purchase.  You are liable for any loss or unauthorised transactions on your card where you have disclosed your card number other than for the purpose of making a purchase. 

At the time of activation, you will be asked to provide personal information before you can activate your card. This information is required for identification and security purposes. 

Once the card is activated, the funds will be available instantly. 

Where can Prepaid Mastercard and Visa Gift Cards be used?

Physical (plastic) and Digital Gift Cards can be used in any store in Australia or overseas and online where Mastercard or Visa prepaid cards are accepted, provided the merchant can process it electronically. They can be used for full or part payment for goods and services. Any number of purchases can be made with the card until the balance reduces to zero. No change will be given. Cards cannot be used for telephone purchases.

E-Gift Cards are perfect for shopping online anywhere that accepts prepaid Mastercards. They cannot be used for face-to-face transactions in store.

Why might a proposed transaction using a Prepaid Card be declined?

There are several possibilities:

  • the amount of the purchase exceeds the available balance.
  • the card has expired.
  • the card has been reported lost or stolen or has been suspended.
  • a previous voided or interrupted transaction may have been authorised and the reserved funds have not yet been released.
  • the signature panel on the back of the card has not been signed.
  • the signature on the purchase receipt does not match the signature on the back of the card.
  • the merchant does not accept any Visa or Mastercard prepaid cards.


Are Prepaid Cards accepted at all stores?

Most stores and online retailers accept prepaid cards so you or your lucky recipient will have endless choice! However, there are a small number of merchants, even though they display the Visa and/or Mastercard logos that do not accept any prepaid / gift cards. From time to time, for security purposes, cards may be blocked from use from certain stores or specific international markets.


Can the card be used to get cash from an ATM?

No, our prepaid cards cannot be used at an ATM.


Can Prepaid Gift Cards be reloaded with more spending power?

No, our prepaid cards are single-load only.


If a merchant asks “Credit or Cheque or Savings?” what is the correct response?

Ensure the card is activated before use. Sign the back of the card, then swipe it, select CREDIT and OK. If the terminal prompts you to enter a pin, select ENTER or OK to proceed without a pin number and the merchant may ask you to sign the docket.


Do Prepaid Gift Cards have an expiry date?

Yes. All cards have a 3-year expiry.


How can a cardholder check the balance or value left on the card?

For Plastic Cards, a cardholder can check their available balance and view their transactions at any time by visiting

For Virtual Card/E-Gift cards, you can check your transaction history and balance and view Terms and Conditions at any time by clicking on the card details link in the email you received with your card. 

For Digital Gift Cards, cardholders can log into their Universal Gift Card app on their phone.

Are there any fees for using the card or checking its balance or transactions?

There are no fees for using the card. The entire balance on the card is for the cardholder’s use.


What if my Prepaid Gift Card is lost or stolen?

If you have lost your plastic card and think you may find it again, you may take the precaution of suspending your card by visiting Remember to unsuspend your gift card when you find it.

If you’re unable to find your plastic card, you can report it lost or stolen. You will need to know the card proxy number to do this.  If the balance on the card exceeds $15 at the time you report its loss, you may order a replacement card which will be loaded with the balance of the lost, stolen or damaged card at the time its loss was reported, less an administration fee of $15.


What about security?

Like all payment cards, prepaid cards should be safeguarded and treated like cash. However, Prepaid Mastercard and Visa Gift Cards are more secure than cash. Additionally, if your card is lost or stolen, you can report its loss so it can be disabled and replaced, unlike many store cards.


How do I dispute a transaction?

For plastic and virtual cards, visit Contact Us at and follow the steps to dispute a transaction. Be sure to suspend your card online to prevent further card misuse. For digital cards, please email


Can I cancel a card?

Cards cannot be cancelled, used for cash advances, cannot be redeemed for cash and you cannot return the card for a refund.


What happens if I provide an incorrect email address for delivery of an E-Gift Card?

Unfortunately, we cannot resend an E-Gift Card if the recipient email address is submitted incorrectly. If you have provided an incorrect email address for the delivery of your E-Gift Card, providing the card has not been used, the card can be cancelled. You will be refunded the card value less a $6.50 card cancellation fee. The fees you were charged with your card purchase are not refundable as card creation and other costs have been incurred at the time you placed your order and there are also costs incurred to cancel your card.


What happens if I provide an incorrect phone number for a Digital Gift Card to be sent to? 

If you provide an incorrect phone number for delivery of your Digital Gift Card, providing the card has not been activated, the card can be cancelled. You will be refunded the card value less a $9.50 card cancellation fee. The fees you were charged with your card purchase are not refundable as card creation and other costs have been incurred at the time you placed your order and there are also costs incurred to cancel your card.


What happens if I need to return an item to the merchant?

Each merchant has its own policy about accepting returned items. If a merchant does accept the return of goods purchased with any Prepaid Gift Card, then the merchant can process a negative transaction, so the spending power of the card is restored. However, such credits are not immediate, please check your transaction history on or the Universal Gift Card app, for Digital Gift Cards.


What is the difference between an E-Gift Card and a Digital Card? 

  • E-Prepaid Gift Cards also known as Virtual Cards are sent to your gift recipient by email and can only be used online where Prepaid Mastercards are accepted. 
  • Digital Prepaid Mastercards are sent to your gift recipient’s phone by SMS and can be stored in their phone wallet. They can be spent at over 37 million online and instore locations worldwide. 


How many Digital Gift Cards and E-Gift Cards can I buy? 

For security purposes, you can purchase 1 Digital Gift Card or 1 E-Gift Card per order up to a value of $250. If you have a requirement to order multiple digital or e-gift cards to send to multiple gift recipients at once, you can contact our corporate business, Corporate Prepaid Cards on 1300 181 032 or visit We would be delighted to assist you with your needs. 


What happens if I deleted the SMS message with my card information before activating my Digital Gift Card? 

If you have deleted your Digital Gift Card SMS message, you can email to have the SMS message and card link re-sent to you. Please provide your name, mobile phone number and the name of the person or organisation that sent you the card. There is a small $re-send fee that will be deducted from your card. 


How do I use my Digital Gift Card instore? 

To use your Digital Gift Card instore, please ensure you follow the instructions in your SMS message to add your card to your phone wallet. You card is compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.  

Once added to your phone wallet, you will be ready to use your gift card at over 37 million retailers worldwide.  


How do I use my Digital Gift Card online, I need the CVV? 

Within the Universal Gift Card App, simply select the prepaid card you are wishing to pay with and swipe the image, and the 3-digit CVV will be revealed. 


Which phones can my Digital Gift Card be stored on? 

The Universal Gift Card app works with most Android and Apple devices; however it may depend on the age of your device. 


What happens if I get a new phone and my Digital Gift Card is in my old phone? 

If you get a new phone and providing you retain the same phone number, you will be able to download the Universal Gift Card app to retrieve and add to your new phone wallet to continue using the card. 


What if my purchase exceeds the card’s value?

A Virtual Mastercard can only be used for shopping online where Mastercard is accepted. If your online retailer accepts split transactions, you can use your Virtual Mastercard and other chosen payment method for your purchase. Unfortunately, most online merchants do not accept split payments.


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