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How do I contact GiftCardStore?

Our email address is

Alternatively, you can write to:
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Gift Card Purchases

What is a Virtual Prepaid Mastercard?

A prepaid Mastercard that is delivered via email and can be spent online anywhere Mastercard is accepted.


Where can I use a Virtual Mastercard?

Virtual Prepaid Mastercard cards can be used for shopping online at any merchant around the world that accepts Mastercard. They cannot be used for face to face transactions at merchants, financial institutions or ATMs.


Who accepts Virtual Mastercards?

Virtual Prepaid Mastercards are accepted by any merchant around the world that accepts prepaid Mastercards online.


How do I activate Virtual Mastercard?

Your card can be activated by clicking on the activate now link within the email you receive. You will be required to enter your personal details and the CCV which is provided to you in a second email.


What is the current balance on the card?

The card user can check the card’s available balance or view their transactions with the card at any time by visiting


Does the card expire?

Yes. Cards have a 36-month expiry.


Does this card have cash access?

The card does not have a PIN and cannot be used at an ATM for cash access.


What if my purchase exceeds the card’s value?

A Virtual Mastercard can only be used for shopping online where Mastercard is accepted. If your online retailer accepts split transactions, you can use your Virtual Mastercard and other chosen payment method for your purchase. Unfortunately, most online merchants do not accept split payments.


What do I need to know before using the card internationally?

Virtual Prepaid Mastercards can be used for shopping online.


Are there any fees associated with this card?

There are no fees for using the card. The entire balance on the card is for the cardholder’s use.


What happens if I need to return an item to the merchant?

Each merchant has its own policy about accepting returned items. If a merchant does accept the return of goods purchased with a Virtual Prepaid Mastercard, then the merchant can process a negative transaction so the spending power of the card is restored. However such credits are not immediate – please check your transaction history on


Where can I find a summary of my transactions?

The card user can view their transactions with the card at any time by visiting


How do I dispute an unauthorised transaction?

Please email


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