Mastercard E-Gift Cards & Virtual Cards

Sent the same day by email. Ready to use anywhere instore or online. Use instantly. Endless choice!

Gifting multiple recipients? Send up to 1,000 E-Gift Cards in one order!

Important: E-Gift Cards can only be sent to and activated by recipients in Australia.


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Mastercard E-Gift Cards

Have you left your gift-giving to the last minute? Someone’s birthday snuck up on you? Or do you just need a virtual gift for friends or family who live interstate?

Mastercard E-Gift Cards have you covered with the gift that your recipient will be sure to love…send an E-Gift Card for fast email delivery!

When you’re looking to buy someone a gift, a Mastercard E-Gift Card, also known as an online gift card or virtual card, is the perfect way to let your recipient choose exactly what they want. Simply choose the amount that you want to spend, pay for your Virtual Mastercard online, and we’ll do the rest.

We’ll email your online gift card to your recipient on the very same day. They’ll have everything they need in the email to activate their online gift card and add to their preferred phone wallet, so they can buy what they want, when they want online. And, since the prepaid Mastercard Gift Card is accepted anywhere Mastercard is accepted in over 37 million retailers instore and online, your lucky recipient will have endless choice!

Important! Mastercard E-Gift Cards can only be sent to and activated by recipients in Australia. E-Gift Card recipients cannot onforward their gift card to another person or email address.   

Benefits of gifting a Mastercard E-Gift Card

  • It’s the perfect last-minute gift for any occasion.
  • Same-day delivery
  • You can do your gift shopping from the comfort of your own home.
  • Choose from our range of E-Gift Card designs.
  • Customise your gift with a personal message.
  • Spend as little or as much as you like, up to $1,000.
  • Send to one or many. Order up to 1,000 E-Gift Cards per order.
  • It’s low cost and requires no effort from you – all you need to do is enter a few details.
  • No more time, money, and effort is wasted shopping for gifts in stores and then having to return the wrong item at a later date.
  • We’ll notify you to let you know your prepaid Mastercard gift card has been sent – no awkwardness asking your recipient if they’ve received it.
  • EGift Cards Australia are accepted instore and online wherever Mastercard is accepted worldwide – endless choice!
  • Compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay phone wallets.
  • More convenient for your recipient – no need to cash a cheque or take vouchers out shopping.
  • Buying from our Gift Card Store website is quick and easy.
  • Never miss an important occasion again!

E-Gift Cards are ideal for those hard-to-buy friends and family, particularly those who prefer to use their gift card from their laptop – and these days, who doesn’t?

Ways to use Mastercard E-Gift Cards

If you want to be sure your next gift is something your recipient is going to love, choose a Mastercard E-Gift Card. You’ll never miss an important occasion again.

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