If you would like to enquire about placing a bulk order, please email orders@giftcardstore.com.au.

If you can’t use your card or its showing a zero value, it may be that your card wasn’t activated within the required activation period. Please email your card proxy number which is located on the reverse side of your card and your contact details to activate@giftcardstore.com.au

If you wish to enquire about an existing order including delivery, please include your order number and email your details to myorder@giftcardstore.com.au

For all other types of enquiries, please complete the form below.


    Gift cards are Australia’s favourite gifts! At Gift Card Store we want you to enjoy gift cards as much as we do! Gift Card Store launched Australia’s first prepaid cards in 2006 and we are recognised as Australia’s leading provider of gift cards.

    You can buy your prepaid gift cards from Gift Card Store, knowing we are trusted by 300 of Australia’s top 500 companies who buy gift cards from us. Our parent company Zenith Payments is a reputable leader in the Australian payment industry since 1984.

    We want you to be satisfied with your online purchasing experience, whether you are ordering a prepaid Mastercard or Visa gift card. If you have a question about the website or the purchasing process, check the Frequently Asked Questions page first to see if your query is answered there. Some of the questions you’ll find answers to include how to pay for your gift card purchases, how to activate the card and how to check the balance on the card.

    If you have a question about delivery of your gift card, check the delivery page first.

    On the Gift Card Store FAQs page you can find out where and how prepaid Mastercard and prepaid Visa gift cards can be used. You’ll find answers to questions on security, fees, expiry, and merchant acceptance.

    If you have a question or comment, use the form below, including your contact details if you’d like a response. A member of our team will be in touch promptly.


    Express delivery Australia wide


    Secure and easy to shop online


    Worldwide and online acceptance with Visa and Mastercard

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