The Ultimate Gift Guide for Dog Lovers

Is your partner cuddling their dog more than you? Taking more dog photos and posting cute doggy pix online?

You’re not imagining it! Research shows dog owners love their canine companions and put their dog first, often spending more money on their dog than their partner. And 50% of dog lovers would end a relationship if their partner didn’t like dogs!^

So when there’s a special occasion coming up, don’t go barking up the wrong tree. Delight your partner with a gift that shows you understand their love for their dog.

Happiness is a warm puppy

Aussies would agree with Peanuts comic strip creator Charles Shultz who said, ‘Happiness is a warm puppy.’  There are more Australian households with dogs or cats as pets than there are households with children.

Roy Morgan research shows that 50% of Aussies live in a household with at least one dog or/and cat, while just 35% share their household with at least one child aged under 16. ^^

Dogs or cats? It’s a dog’s life!

Canine companions are more popular than cats – 38% of people live in a household with a dog, compared with 23% who cohabit with a feline friend.

What to buy for the dog lover in your life? Look for doggy themed gifts, from gift cards to pet accessories as pet-related gifts that are either for their animals, or lovingly remind them of them.

Dog photos are winners

Whether the gift is for a birthday, anniversary or special occasion – even Valentine’s Day – try these ideas for the dog-lover:

  • Take a photo of their pet! It’s the perfect gift either framed or printed on a mug, cushion or a range of accessories.
  • Doggy dress ups – check out your local pet store or department store pet aisle and you’ll find a range of creative clothing for dogs of all breeds and sizes.
  • A gift card with a photo of a dog – GiftCardStore has a range of dog photo cards that you can order online.
  • Create your own unique gift card with a photo of their dog, specially for them.

The power of a dog’s love

They might not admit it, but dog owners have a deep love for their pets. American pet care company Rover, surveyed 1,450 U.S. adult dog owners who are dating or in a relationship.^

They found dog lovers:

  • Spend more money on their dog than their partner (25%)
  • Take more pictures with their dog than with other people (24%)
  • Plan their weekend around their dog (33%)
  • Cuddle their dog more than their partner (47%)
  • Planned a Valentine’s Day celebration for their dog (50%)
  • Post Instagram photos with their dog (22%)
  • Bought a new accessory or outfit for their dog (21%)
  • Bring their dog on dates (30%)
  • Are more interested in dating someone if they are a dog lover (69%)
  • Would continue a relationship because they liked the other person’s dog (24%)
  • Would end a relationship if their partner didn’t like dogs (50%).

Dogs are so important to their owners, so make your gift one to remember for the dog lover in your life! Go to to design your own cute dog card.



^ survey conducted via SurveyMonkey in January 2019 among 1,450 U.S. adult dog owners who are dating or in a relationship.

^^Roy Morgan’s Single Source research in Australia interviews over 50,000 people per year, including New Zealand and Indonesia and targeted research in the UK and USA.


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