Aged Care Employee Day

07 Aug, 22

The 7th of August marks Aged Care Employee Day, when we can acknowledge and celebrate the dedication of aged care health professionals. As frontline carers, they work tirelessly throughout the most challenging times. It’s a special opportunity to say “Thank you” to over 350,000 people who go above and beyond in caring for our older Australians. 

Aged Care superheroes 

When we think of the aged care workforce, nurses will firstly spring to mind. Yet, 80% of employees in the aged care industry actually work in other professional fields. Alongside the important role nurses have in taking care of the elderly, there are also personal care assistants and allied health professionals. We then consider the caterers, chefs, cleaners, gardeners and hairdressers who add their own personal touch of care. 

We also can’t look past the committed work and efforts of the administration, maintenance and management teams. Their passion for their clients ensures the smooth running of nursing homes, retirement villages and at home services for the elderly. 

So many of these carers are indeed superheroes. Some we may see how involved they are in their job. Others don’t receive praise or gratitude and simply get the job done.  

Whether their job involves daily interaction with clients or working behind the scenes in the kitchen or garden, the aged care workforce all equally deserve our biggest thanks. Show them your gratitude with a “thank you” gift they will truly appreciate and remember.  

How to say “thank you” to aged care workers 

Families face great emotional and mental distress when looking after elderly members. Aged care carers are indispensable, helping carry the heavy burden. 

This year, send a “thank you” gift to a special aged care worker. Let them know how much you appreciate the extra care and attention they’ve provided for your loved one.  

Thank you gift cards are easy and quick to send. Most of all, it’s perfect for your favourite, yet extremely busy carer because you’ll be giving them something they want, the gift of choice. 

Thank you gift cards can be used wherever Mastercard is accepted online and instore. No unwanted gifts. Imagine their delight when they receive their gift card, knowing they can use it to buy something special.  

Either order a card with a generic “Thank you” design or choose something a little more personal. Pick a favourite photo of your carer and loved one together, share the love and create a memorable personalised gift card. To accompany the gift card, you can also send a personalised message to help convey your gratitude and appreciation. 

Beyond the daily tasks of looking after 1.3 million older Australians, aged care workers give them daily comfort and joy. Through their professionalism and dedication, they also provide protection and a sense of dignity for the elderly and vulnerable. 

For this year’s Aged Care Employee Day, join countless other Australians in letting our amazing and passionate aged care workforce know how much they’re appreciated every day. Make it memorable and send them a heartfelt “thank you” gift card.  

Click HERE to order your “thank you” gift card. 

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