Motivating and retaining talent: Using Gift Cards for Staff Awards

09 Apr, 24

Employee retention is crucial for every successful business. At Gift Card Store, we can help you make a positive and lasting impact on staff recognition and appreciation, with the perfect reward for every occasion.

When it comes to the overall success of your business, staff awards are key to keeping great talent. Celebrate achievements with our Mastercard, Visa or eftpos staff gift cards, and watch your team’s productivity and job satisfaction soar! 

Whether you want to thank them for crushing their sales quota or demonstrating exceptional customer service, Gift Card Store makes rewarding staff easy and effective.

Most of all, your team will always feel valued and appreciated.

Boost team morale and motivation: 

In any business, whether it’s a five-star restaurant or an online publication, keeping your team happy and satisfied is paramount.

Reward your team with staff gift cards for:

  • Invaluable contributions in closing a new account
  • Exceeding sales targets every month
  • Continuously working late nights for the end of the financial year
  • Consistently meeting urgent deadlines
  • High-quality customer service
  • Being a star team player
  • And the list goes on!

On-the-spot recognition for hard work and effort is made easy with Gift Card Store. You can immediately email a Mastercard E-Gift Card to a top-performing employee or your whole team in minutes, giving your employees a lovely surprise in their inbox. 

Does their job involve a lot of travel? Or you may have staff located in different and remote locations. You can send a Digital Mastercard Gift Card directly to their phone via SMS.  Both E-Gift Cards and Digital Gift Cards can be easily added to your employees digital wallet, ready to be used anywhere instore or online

Gift the perfect tangible gift

Picture the delight on your employees’ faces as you personally hand them their well-deserved eftpos, Visa or Mastercard Gift Card at special events like staff recognition or employee award ceremonies. Once activated, they can use their eftpos gift card at any shop with an eftpos terminal in Australia, or their Mastercard and Visa Gift Card instore and online worldwide.

Add a Personal Touch:

Every success is an opportunity to celebrate. At Gift Card Store, we understand the importance of personalising staff gifts so you can highlight their work achievement.

Gift Card Store has a design your own card feature, enabling you to personalise your Mastercard Gift Card with your company logo or favourite team photo, to create the perfect fun staff awards.

Personalised staff gift cards can help commemorate:

  • Work anniversaries and milestones
  • Promotions
  • Individual and team achievements
  • Completion of significant projects
  • Consistent outstanding work performance
  • End-of-year acknowledgements

By rewarding them with a personalised staff gift card, they will always remember their outstanding contribution. Most importantly, work for.

Convenient and Effective:

Sending staff gift cards to celebrate wins and achievements creates a healthy work culture for your organisation. It also means you’re one step ahead, ready and eager to award dedicated hard work. 

Sending gift cards as staff awards enables you to:

  • Give immediate recognition and acknowledgement for going above and beyond 
  • Create a positive work culture within the office as well as for remote workers
  • Boost team morale and motivation, resulting in increased productivity
  • Incentivise strong work performance in sales, projects and customer service
  • Enhance job satisfaction, leading to higher employee retention  

Your team will feel confident knowing they are always valued and appreciated for their efforts. Gift Card Store offers the flexibility to order up to 1,000 cards in one order, making appreciation gifts a breeze.

Sometimes, saying thank you is just not enough. Let staff gift cards do the talking for you.

Reward them with a reward they will love:

Mastercard, Visa or eftpos staff gift cards helps you save time and worry from figuring out what and how your staff want.

Your team will appreciate their staff reward because they can:

  • Use their gift card immediately
  • Buy whatever, whenever, from wherever they want. They can use their Mastercard or Visa Gift Card at over 37 million retailers worldwide, instore or online. Alternatively, an Eftpos Gift card can be spent anywhere instore with an eftpos terminal, Australia-wide.
  • Have complete freedom with endless purchase choices
  • Save it for a special occasion to treat themselves
  • Have the flexibility to spend it all at once or use it as a partial payment
  • Avoid unwanted gifts or cash rewards that disappear into household bills or everyday expenses.

Staff Gift Cards: The solution to staff retention

Finding motivated and dedicated talent for your business can often take time and effort. Gift Card Store has the solution to help you retain a strong, capable, dedicated team with the preferred reward. Our Mastercard, Visa and eftpos gift cards are the ideal staff awards to keep your team productive, and maintain a high work ethic and job performance.

Incentivise your employees with staff rewards that cement their loyalty.

Order your staff gift cards from Gift Card Store today.


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