Why Travel Gift Cards and Vouchers Make the Perfect Present

10 Jan, 24

Thinking of the ideal present to buy for your friends, family or anyone else special in your life?

Give the gift of a golden ticket, in the form of a travel gift card. Not many other presents allow you to promise endless opportunities for adventure and unforgettable experiences.

Has Mum always wanted to travel to Uluru? Maybe it’s time you spoilt your her with that weekend getaway. Whatever the occasion, travel holds a special place for many of us, which makes it the perfect present!

Instead of going through the tedious process of booking flights and figuring out availabilities, use travel gift cards to provide a convenient and flexible approach to wishing that special someone bon voyage.

Read on to discover why travel gift cards make the perfect present.

Why are travel gift cards and vouchers so popular?

Australians love to travel! Domestic travel alone accounted for 108 million overnight trips in 2022 in addition to 1.5 million overseas departures. Give the gift of travel to your friends and family by giving them a travel gift card for any occasion.

Travelling around Australia’s glorious surroundings or a range of mystical locations overseas are experiences that create true memories for your loved ones. However, travelling is an expensive activity, requiring accommodation, transport, and spending money.

The average Australian spends $3,145 on a holiday, a cost which soon climbs to an astounding level for family holidays. However, many Australians simply cannot afford to go on holiday, especially overseas. In fact, over 40% of Australians have never visited overseas, including New Zealand. This can be due to costs and the expense of travelling overseas from Australia.

Help your friends and family members to enjoy their own holiday by giving them a travel gift card, such as Mastercard or Visa Gift Cards from Gift Card Store, to spend on visiting their dream destinations. Whether that destination is the Gold Coast, Bali, or the United States, travel gift cards from Gift Card Store are the flexible choice that can be spent in over 37 million retailers worldwide, instore or online. Endless choice!

What are the benefits of giving travel gift cards and vouchers as gifts?

Giving travel gift cards as gifts can help your friends and family to pay for a much-needed holiday. Help them unwind and recharge whilst showing them how much you value their well-being and happiness. A travel gift card opens the door to thrilling getaways and wonderful explorations.

Travel gift cards and vouchers are perfect for all sorts of  travellers such as backpackers, couples, families or groups travelling together, and used to contribute towards a trip. Gift this convenient and flexible present to the people who mean the most to you.

How can I choose the best travel gift card?

Choose the best travel gift card by opting for endless choice with gift cards from Gift Card Store. Unlike retailer gift cards that are limited to select holiday providers, Mastercard and Visa Gift Cards allow your recipient to spend wherever, whenever. Choose from one of their beautifully designed Mastercard gift cards or Visa Gift Cards and gift up to $500 per gift card. Want to make your gift even more special? Design a Mastercard Gift Card in minutes with your favourite picture of your family or friends.

Once you’ve selected the style of card you want to gift and the gift value, you can add a special message to let the recipient know how much they mean to you. Your gift card will be ready to order direct to you or your recipient.

If you’ve left your gift to the last minute, or your loved one wants to keep their luggage light, simply gift a Digital Mastercard Gift Card (delivered via SMS) or Mastercard E-Gift Card (delivered via email) for same-day delivery.

How can travel gift cards and vouchers be redeemed?

Travel gift cards and vouchers from Gift Card Store can be activated simply and easily. Digital Mastercard Gift Cards and Mastercard E-Gift Cards can be added to your recipient’s mobile   wallet immediately. Your lucky recipient can start to make contactless payments straight away.

Plastic Mastercard and Visa Gift Cards are delivered via post or courier and can be activated by following the instructions included in the letter accompanying the gift card. As soon as the gift card is activated, the recipient can spend the value anywhere instore or online, worldwide.

Visit Gift Card Store today!

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