10 ideas to design your own Christmas gift card at Gift Card Store

02 Sep, 18

Everyone loves to choose their own Christmas gift! At this time of year, gifts are top of the shopping list so it’s worth asking what your friends and family really want for Christmas.

We’ve all received gifts that we didn’t appreciate, didn’t like or couldn’t use. Research shows that about one in seven people (15%) who receive gifts were disappointed by them.^

What is the best gift of all? We can probably guess what our friends and family don’t want for  Christmas, but here’s how to make sure they’ll love the gift you give.

Design your own gift card

The best gift is the one they choose themselves! Gift Card Store has the answer for Australia’s gift lists. Design your own card with a personalised image on a prepaid Mastercard gift card. It’s the best gift of all as it is exclusive and specially created for the recipient.

The ultimate designer gift, it’s made even more special as your personalised gift card allows the recipient to buy whatever they want. The prepaid gift card is accepted worldwide at any store or online that accepts Mastercard.

Make your gift the most personal of all when you design your own gift card at Gift Card Store. Go to https://giftcardstore.com.au/product/design-your-own-card/

Show how much you care with a happy snap of the recipient or a group shot of family or friends. Or for a surprise, choose their much-loved pet or favourite place.  Remind them of you with a selfie –  but put them in the picture too!

10 ideas for your DIY gift card

Try these 10 fun ideas for a unique photo on a prepaid Mastercard you can design yourself:

  1. Your favourite photo of the recipient
  2. Combined selfie shot with you
  3. Favourite dog or cat with the recipient
  4. Baby photo, or in school uniform
  5. On wheels, with first car or bike
  6. Family and/or friends in a group
  7. Family home decorated for Christmas
  8. Playing sport or as a team supporter
  9. Celebrating Christmas, a birthday or graduation
  10. Special occasion to remember – wedding, engagement, baby.

When you’re the designer, you get to choose the image for the gift card! Check the image guidelines for suitability, design size and format before you start. Choose by the rules and you’ll have a great result!

Personalise with a special message

Decide on the value you want to upload on the card and write a special message (50 characters) for the recipient. It’s that easy. Click to add to cart and complete your order.

Imagine the excitement when the recipient opens the envelope on Christmas Day (or before) and finds a prepaid Mastercard gift card with an image specially for them! It’s the best way to personalise a gift.

Make Christmas shopping easy

Avoid the hassle of browsing through a rack of Christmas cards to find the most appropriate design for your friends and family. Store-bought cards don’t have the same individuality as a custom-designed gift card.

Preparing for Christmas is time-consuming and can be stressful, battling the crowds and trying to find the perfect gift. Save yourself the worry and create personalised Christmas gifts online at Gift Card Store.

Choose your photo

Selfies are the most popular photos in the world, but here’s your chance to be different and make the recipient the star of their own gift. It will say more than words about your creativity and Christmas wishes. You’ll wow your recipient with the gift they really want.

Before you start, check the image guidelines here https://giftcardstore.com.au/product/design-your-own-card/.

A prepaid card offers more

A prepaid Mastercard gift card not only expresses your Christmas wishes, it offers added value to the recipient. By using the card after Christmas, they can take advantage of the Boxing Day sales that continue for a couple of weeks after the big day.

By spending when the prices are reduced, they can maximise the dollar value of the prepaid gift card. Just the thing to carry in their wallet for the holiday season!

For more information on how to design your own card, go to https://giftcardstore.com.au/product/design-your-own-card/.



^ING International Survey special report – Christmas 2016. Available from: https://www.ing.com/Newsroom/All-news/The-truth-about-unwanted-Christmas-gifts.htm


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