Break distance barriers: Gift loved ones in Australia with Gift Card Store

01 Dec, 23

Gift Card Store can accept orders from customers residing in the US, England and New Zealand however the delivery address must be within Australia. 

Away from home for Christmas? When you’re living overseas and enjoying December’s sub-zero temperatures, stay in touch with your Australian family who are planning Christmas at the beach! Save time and money by using Gift Card Store for all your Christmas gifts to friends and family back home.

Gift giving by Australians abroad

If you are one of the growing Australia diasporas in the UK, EU, USA or NZ^ you can avoid the hassle of choosing a gift plus the cost of parcel freight. Just order direct from Gift Card Store at

The best gift is always the one you choose yourself, so give your nearest and dearest the opportunity to buy what they want with an Australian gift card that can be used in Australia or worldwide. Your friends and family will thank you for it.

Reversing the seasons from summer to winter

While you’re experiencing snow on the other side of the world, choosing a gift for those back home is a reminder that they will be battling the heat and humidity that so often come with an Australian Christmas.

Remember when Christmas was at the beach or the family enjoying a backyard barbecue? While you’re shivering with the next snowfall, your family is wondering how to shoo the flies away from the ham and turkey.

The festivities may be the same – but the temperature will be the opposite.

Christmas Gift Cards make gift giving simple

Choose your Mastercard, Visa or eftpos gift card from the range of Christmas-themed designs at Gift Card Store. From humorous Santa to cosy winter firesides or beach scenes, you’ll find one to suit at  It’s easy to order and send:

  1. Choose the design
  2. Select the amount you want to load on the card
  3. Compose a personal message
  4. Enter your address
  5. Enter the Australian address of the recipient
  6. Choose your delivery method – Australia Post or courier
  7. Pay by credit or debit card
  8. Tick off your Christmas gift list!

Choose a selfie for DIY

For even more fun, you can do it yourself and design your own Mastercard Gift Card at Gift Card Store. You can take a selfie with a winter wonderland background and upload it online for your card to be truly individual and remind your family of the Christmas you are planning on the other side of the world.

Email or SMS delivered Mastercard gift cards makes giving easy

If you’ve left it to the week before Christmas, you can send a Mastercard E-Gift Card.

A Mastercard E-Gift Card can be used for in-store or online, at any merchant around the world that accepts Mastercard. Your lucky recipient can easily add their gift card to their preferred phone wallet so they can shop ‘til they drop!

Alternatively, you can send a same-day delivery Digital Mastercard Gift Card. Sent straight to your recipient’s phone, they will love the ease of adding to their Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay wallet, ready to spend anywhere in-store or online. No unwanted gifts!

Check your time zones!

Make sure you have the time zones right as Australia is ahead of the northern hemisphere, so check the difference in times and days, or you may find your Christmas E-Gift Card arrives on Boxing Day instead of Christmas Day.

Here’s a quick summary of the difference in time zones, so make a note in your diary to make sure your gift will arrive before Christmas Eve.

  • When it’s 8am on Christmas Day in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Hobart, it’s Christmas Eve in New York (4pm), Los Angeles (1pm), London (9pm).
  • Remember that New Zealand time is a couple of hours ahead of Australia and at 8am (Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Hobart) it’s 10am there.
  • Other state capital comparative times are Brisbane (7am), Adelaide (7.30am), Darwin (6.30am) and Perth (5am).^^

To find out the time in your destination and compare it with your home state, go to

Get in early for Christmas

Ordering your gift card before December will ensure your favourite people will have the opportunity to spend their card before the big day. Or suggest they wait until the Boxing Day sales to maximise the value on the card!

Then when you facetime the family on Christmas Day, you’ll be the star of the family get together while you still have Christmas dinner to come!

Go to and order now for Christmas.


^Advance is a network of global Australians that reports NZ, the UK and the US remain the most popular countries of future residence for departing Aussies, followed by Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Japan and Thailand. Find out more:

^^Time zones available from:


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