How to Say Thank You with a Gift

19 Jun, 20

Thank you. Two words that should say so much yet often can fall short when trying to express true appreciation. Whether someone’s act of kindness to us is big or small, how we say thank you in return needs to also be thoughtful. A thank you gift can be more than just good manners or being polite. It’s sends a deeper message of positivity and helps strengthen relationships.

How to Get It Right

Showing deep gratitude to someone can be subjective and extremely personal. There is great difficulty determining what measures up to someone’s thoughtfulness. Finding the right gift or present is essential in letting someone know their generosity of time and effort will never be forgotten.

Finding an Appropriate Gift

When invited to a wedding or an engagement party, a gift registry can ease the pressure to search for the perfect present as it can guide guests to choose what the happy couple need or desire.

Whether it’s thanking a friend for their emotional support during a time of personal hardship or your neighbour who watered your plants while you were away, it can be tricky finding an appropriate gift that doesn’t fall short in conveying the perfect message.

 Lack of time may also make sourcing the right gift even more challenging.

 Time is of the Essence

Finding the right gift to say thank you can prove to be all consuming. Unlike birthdays or anniversaries which are regular occasions that we can conveniently plan ahead for, the need to send a thank you present can be spontaneous and urgent. This can leave little time to organise a gift that is appropriate or relevant. Yet, time is of the essence when expressing gratitude. The sincerity of a thank you present can be lost if the delivery is delayed.

An E-Gift Card

When words or gestures of thanks are not enough or difficult to express, sending a Mastercard E-Gift Card with fast email delivery, can let the recipient know how much you value and respect them.

A  E-Gift Card allows you:

  • To include a personal message of thanks and gratitude
  • To easily order online and securely send to the recipient via email.
  • Save time from endless searches by sending the right present in a timely manner with guaranteed same day delivery.

Personalising the gift card

Just as you remember why you’re saying thank you, the recipient will never forget how you returned the kindness. Adding your own special touch to the thank you message will make it memorable.

By choosing the option to design your own card you will:

  • Add a personal touch with a nostalgic photo
  • Remind the recipient of special memories that they can always keep in their wallet
  • Make the recipient feel valued letting them know the card is especially for them
  • Show how much you respect their kind deeds and generosity
  • Help you strengthen your relationship

Wide range of gift card designs to choose from

With a wide range of designs to choose from, you can send a gift that holds sentimental value. Being able to choose from a variety of different cards:

  • Makes it easy to order and sending the perfect card
  • A guaranteed quick delivery, making sure the recipient knows how appreciated they are
  • Allows you to include a personal message, making the gift card even more special

Why they will love a gift card

Sending thanks with a gift card is not only avoiding unwanted gifts, but it also removes the inconvenience of returning or exchanging goods or items. A gift card provides something other presents can’t – autonomy and choice.

When sending a Prepaid Gift Card, your recipient will:

  • Enjoy the freedom to buy whatever they want at over 37 million online stores that accept Mastercard or Visa. Your recipient can easily add to their preferred phone wallet. Eftpos gift card recipients can use their gift anywhere instore with an eftpos terminal, Australia-wide!
  • Avoid disappointment that come with unwanted gifts
  • Enjoy the convenience and security of online shopping
  • Always remember fondly what they bought with the card
  • Feel special and use the card to buy something luxurious or indulgent rather than using the funds for household items or bills

“Isn’t a gift card impersonal?”

Designing your own gift card gives you the freedom to be as creative and personal as you want. When saying thanks doesn’t seem to be adequate, say it with a powerful and sentimental image.

Some photo ideas can include:

  • Your favourite photo of the recipient
  • Flashback selfie of the two of you celebrating a happy occasion like a birthday
  • A nostalgic family photo
  • Cute picture of the favourite pet
  • A wedding photo
  • A celebrated sports victory
  • A speech they presented at an important event like a wedding or anniversary
  • A picture of them with their special loved one

 “Do I really want them to know how much I’ve spent on them?”

By giving someone a gift card, you are giving them a present that is practical and will be used with gratitude. You can’t put a price on a present that makes good sense but is also thoughtful.

9 out of 10 people prefer receiving gift cards because there are no unwanted gifts to return. They will think of you fondly because you made the effort to say thank you with something they can truly use and not let go to waste.

“How can you put a monetary value when saying thanks?”

You can’t. No one can put a dollar sign when it comes to saying thank you.

A gift card is priceless because it lets the recipient know you care about them so much, you want them to use the card on something they want for themselves.

More than just thank you

How you say thanks to someone goes beyond the gift. A gift card keeps you connected with those whose help and support have been appreciated beyond measure. It isn’t simply a token of politeness. It helps strengthen families and friendships. Sending a gift card of thanks will reciprocate the emotional positivity that people have given you.

Click HERE to order your Thank You Gift Card and let someone know how much they’re appreciated and their compassion is cherished.


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